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Jiangsu Jianzhong New Material Technology Co., Ltd(JZ TUBE) is a professional precision steel tube manufacturer wholly owned by Yancheng Steel tube founded in 2014, JZ TUBE owns 250 employees, fixed assets of more than 100 million yuan, and an annual output of nearly 30,000 tons of various types of carbon steel and alloy steel tubes with outer diameter of 6~89mm and wall thickness of 1~14mm.

The main products are heat exchanger or boiler tube, hydraulic tube, automotive tube. JZ TUBE is equipped with international excellent oxygen free bright atmosphere protection heat treatment furnace, three-lines and five-lines cold drawing machine made in Korea, high-precision cold rolling machine and auto cutting equipment, and obtained SGS ISO9001 and EU PED certificate.

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Contact person: Sun Tao (General Manager)
Phone: 13805105566
Email: andy@ycgg.com

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